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About Last Night

In an effort to cure the headache that I woke up with yesterday which was not - to my surprise - cured by my two morning coffees, the girls and I attempted a trip to Starbucks at about 6:30 last night. Exactly the time when most proper parents are busy preparing dinner and the super extra parents are getting their kids bathed and ready for bed. You know the ones. Like, how are they getting their kids in bed by 7 o'clock every night and having all of these hours at night to do millions of things? Mind blowing. Anyhow. Understandably enough, I thought that the cure for this lingering headache was a cloud macchiato. One mention of the word "Starbucks" to the girls undoubtedly conjured up visions of cake pops and they were out the door before I'd finished correcting Addie's backwards shoes. See, we're at the stage where she wants to do everything for herself, but can only seem to get her shoes onto the wrong feet. Unless she's wearing someone else's shoes altogether. Then she usually manages to get them right.

Shoes corrected and everyone buckled in, we were on our way! I was doing my usual flipping of the radio stations. Trying to find something that still made me feel relevant to the current times, but without lyrics that would be frowned upon when repeated by little mouths or conure up too many questions that I just don't know how to answer. Like, who's Kiki and why is she riding? I settled on Shallow because Addie has a thing for Lady Gaga and when the song starts and she hears Bradley Cooper, she tells me every time, "Dat not Wady Gaga, Mama." Naturally, my mind was weighing the pros and cons of using one of my Starbucks rewards for the macchiato. Since money doesn't grow on trees, I like to use my rewards on the most suped up drink I can possibly come up with and never on anything containing less than four shots. And as 7 o'clock was quickly creeping up on me, the adult in me was saying that it wasn't the right time for four shots. Should I just get a latte? Should I save the rewards for a morning coffee run where I can get a respectable amount of shots for free? My inner voices were at war, but were also wondering how Lady Gaga can go from being in the shallow to far from the shallow so quickly? Maybe if I watched A Star is Born, I would be able to sort that all out. I added it to my mental to-do list.

As I was contemplating it all, I realized that there was a really pretty sunset starting. Since we'd been in the car for at least five minutes, the girls were totally on board with stopping somewhere to get out since they'd already been in the car for so long. They needed to stretch their legs. We found a spot and the girls ran around for a little bit. They decided that it smelled like cow poop and I explained that were near a farm, but they still thought that they should search the ground for cow poop. They didn't find any. They pinched each other's butts when I asked them to stand with their arms around each other for a photo. Which it turns out, makes for a better picture if you ask me. As the last of the sun went down behind the hill, we all realized we were hungry and that we needed to get home for dinner. After all, we were now at the time when the proper parents were getting their kids ready for bed and the super extra parents were probably doing responsible things like balancing their checkbooks and reading books about how to raise tiny geniuses in three easy steps (I'm guessing that step one is getting them to bed on time). We actually never made it to Starbucks last night. But I think these sunset photos of the girls are way better than overpriced coffee. Or free, suped up coffee with extra shots. And it turns out that a little bit of fresh air and some laughs with the girls was just the headache cure that I needed.


The girls' rain boots were gifted to us by Kamik. Shop them here. Follow me on Instagram here for the rest of their outfit details.

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